You cannot miss the opportunity to discover everything about the enchanting town of Ravello, its history, its secrets and the stories about its famous visitors that came here before you. A guided tour of this pretty town with the visit of the intriguing Duomo and, if you so wish, of the famous Villa Rufolo with its bell-tower and the enchanted place which gave Richard Wagner the inspiration for his music. Do not miss a photo opportunity while at the Villa Rufolo Belvedere, the famous terrace where summer classical concerts are held!
A MUST-SEE is also the visit to Villa Cimbrone with its beautiful gardens, the terrace of infinity with its marble busts and stunning views.
At the end of the tour there's a stop for a pre-lunch/dinner drink.

Quick Info

  • Price € 20
  • Duration 1-6 hours
  • Player up to 30
  • Age from 5 to 70+



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