Amalfi, the central town and main hub on the Coast. Dominated by its beautiful Cathedral dedicated to St. Andrew, with its impressive staircase, the bell-tower in Arab-Norman style and its charming Cloister of Paradise, it beautifully reflects its glorious past of the first Maritime Republic in Italy. A blend of alley ways, ceramic tiled walls, visible lookout towers on the bay of Salerno while walking up from the centre of Amalfi enjoying its captivating panorama while going towards the Moorish style 13th century cemetery of Amalfi. From there you can enjoy a birds-eye view of the surroundings including the famous Lemon terraces below. Discover all of it!
PN: Adding one extra hour to your tour you can also visit the famous paper museum located further up in the Mills Valley.  You will discover the old technique of making paper where old clothes and rags was used instead of wood.

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  • Price
  • Duration 1-6 hours
  • Player up to 30
  • Age from 5 to 70+



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