"... Naples is the most mysterious city in Europe, it is the only city in the ancient world that has not perished like Ilium, like Nineveh, like Babylon. It is the only city in Europe that has not sunk in the immense shipwreck of the ancient civilization. Naples is a Pompeii that has never been buried. It is not a city: it is a world. The ancient, pre-Christian world, remained intact on the surface of the modern world. Naples is the other Europe. " C. Malaparte
Naples is the capital of the Campania region which itself is, in many ways, the most hauntingly beautiful region of Italy, sociologically different from anywhere else in Europe. The region is definitely endowed with what might well be the densest collection of ancient ruins in Europe, with very distinctive geological sites, special landscapes and unique seascapes. Naples is the condenced face and soul of this whole territory and no place is quite like it.
The pulsating centre of Naples is the area around 'Spaccanapoli' and the Via Toledo. The city’s seaside highway is one of the most scenic in the world but also probably the most treacherous. It combines mending hairpin bends and 'reckless' Neapolitan drivers.
Naples's most precious relic is the glass ampoule containing the blood of San Gennaro, the city's patron saint, his imposing cathedral is rich in artifacts and worth a visit, but Naples is home to many more ancient churches and fascinating monuments including the 13th century Castel Nuovo, the New Castle (House of Anjou), the Archeological Museum, one of Europe’s greatest museum, the San Carlo theater, one of Europe’s grandest opera house, just to name a few. Unmissable place!

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