A walking tour is the perfect way to get to know Positano, the vertical town. Whether it's spring when purple wisteria perfumes the air or summer when brash bougainvillea bedecks the town Positano is always a beautiful place to be. Led by a local, our tour takes you on a journey through the town's past and present. You will learn about its history and traditions, its food and shops, its churches and buildings. Discover all about "La Moda Positano", admire artisan ceramics and stop at the deli to meet the owner or succumb to the sweet temptations of a renowned pasticceria. You'll meet sandal makers and painters, learn about the different neighborhoods, hear the local legends. And there'll be plenty of opps for fab photos.

Quick Info

  • Price meta
  • Duration 1-6 hours
  • Player up to 30
  • Age from 5 to 70+



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