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To have a well trained, experienced and passionate guide allows you to focus untroubled on the sights rather than the logistics of travel;

it helps provide companionship, that sometimes turns into true friendship, and saves you money by benefitting of group rates and still assuring the best quality of service.

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You need good shoes and a head for heights to walk the legendary Path of the Gods, which offers dizzying sea views all the way to the point of the peninsula and beyond. The mythical Sentiero degli Dei is by far the best-known walk on the Amalfi Coast. The name is no misnomer, the views are divine. Making a spectacular traverse high above the Mediterranean with heavenly views over terraced fields and hazy mountains, the scenery is a typical Amalfi imitation of dramatic natural landscapes modified by generations of human settlers. This is an amazing circular hike beginning and ending at Bomerano.


This is another unmissable itinerary through history and culture. It covers several coastal towns and includes the path known for the many terraces covered with lemon trees, the very important Amalfi product. A walk along the picturesque stairways overlooking the Mediterranean sea with all its extraordinary colors. This amazing walk includes a pre-dinner and well deserved aperitif.


This is also a popular walk due to the variety of the territory it offers and the glorious outlook across the peaks and valleys and to the sea. The large plateau on the top shows the different aspect of this part of the Lattari mountains from the rugged cliffs that characterize the coast near the sea. Here the ridges disappear almost completely to give space to a gentler landscape, undulating hills, less pronounced slopes. This is the heart of the Lattari Mountains, where the richness of the vegetation and the industriousness of the inhabitants allowed such a profitable pasture to justify the name Lattari (Milky). A circular walk that takes you up to over 1,000mt.


Waking up before dawn for a sunrise hike can be pleasantly stimulating and is worth the effort; especially to make it to a rewarding scenic landscape. It is an unforgettable experience: the pleasure of walking when the darkness of the night gives way to the first glows of light that precede the rising of the sun, when the dim light becomes more and more intense showing unusual colors that change by the minute, and when finally the explosion of light of the sun that appears on the horizon shows all its beneficial glory. This short circular hike starts from the town of Scala and takes you up to ca. 700mt.

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