Private guide for individuals or private groups

If you prefer not to be with people you don’t know as you might not feel comfortable on group excursions with strangers;

You might have reasons to take it easy and are afraid of slowing down the group, especially if it is a trek;

If you are a group of friends/family and you want to enjoy the day alone without strangers;

If you are on a tight schedule and wish to maximize your holiday’s time;

You don’t wish to be tied up to specific times and want to decide the time of departure and arrival;

Or simply because you know exactly what you wish to see and do not want to waste time being in a group with other people whose interests you do not know.

then the private guide is for you and I can advise a tailor-made itinerary customized to meet your interests and abilities, and without stress. 

On this site you find a list of places of interests and hikes in and around the Amalfi Coast, it is possible to combine and add a stop to a local place also to savor typical homemade products.


We offer experiences for...


Waking up before dawn for a sunrise hike can be pleasantly stimulating and is worth the effort; especially to make it to a rewarding scenic landscape. It is an unforgettable experience: the pleasure of walking when the darkness of the night gives way to the first glows of light that precede the rising of the sun, when the dim light becomes more and more intense showing unusual colors that change by the minute, and when finally the explosion of light of the sun that appears on the horizon shows all its beneficial glory. This short circular hike starts from the town of Scala and takes you up to ca. 700mt.


Behind Amalfi, in the territory of the municipality of Scala, is the most fascinating and well-known valley of the peninsula: Valle delle Ferriere. Known for its waterfalls and ancient ferns, the valley once hosted an ironworks and several lucrative paper factories powered by water. The damp, green, secluded protected area of the nature reserve is home to ancient species of ferns and include the woodwardia radicans. A unique environment and that is not to be missed. This is a circular tour starting from the hamlet of Pontone and it combines the upper and lower section of the valley.


Walking is good for your heart and your waistline and espresso, as we say it, is excellent for a smoother digestion. This great short hike of a couple of hours, from the more popular Ravello reaches the 'progenitor' Scala, the oldest settlement on the Amalfi Coast and a true hidden gem. This is a circular walk offering amazing views and includes an “express…o” stop in Scala.


This is an unmissable itinerary through history and culture that will unveil the origins and the monuments of the first Maritime Republic of Italy. A walk along picturesque, interlacing alleys and stairways overlooking the Mediterranean sea with all its extraordinary colors. This amazing walk includes a pre-dinner aperitif.

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