The Formichelle ‘little-ants’ of the Amalfi Coast

Guess what??

Up until recently, women on the Amalfi Coast transported kilogrammes of lemons, wood, grapes, wine, rags and also babies, up and down the confined coastal pathways. The large, fragrant organic lemons used to be transported to the shore, where they would be picked up by ships and sent to America. These women were called “formichelle”, ‘little ants’ because they were little laborious women walking one behind the other and mostly wearing black.

Today there are also trails named after them, and there are many others included in those that you can hike. There can be many steps, at times steep and narrow, but the views awaiting you are simply to die for…and the good vibes will stay with you forever! … and don’t worry, you won’t be asked to carry any heavy baskets. 🙂

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