A nice little village of scattered houses situated along the slopes of the mountain, Furore, for its peculiar conformation, was always an untouchable fortress against the Saracen incursions. Its inhabitants were shepherds and craftsmen, while the “Fjord” was an important natural port, where flourishing commerce and ancient industrial crafts, such as paper factories and water mills, developed.

Today, Furore offers numerous garden terraces, with an extremely good production of red and white wine, drought walls painted by famous artists, that tell us about past and current events and tradition. And still there are numerous pathways, ancient churches, bell-towers and cupolas.

This excursion begins with the visit of the little church of San Giacomo placed in the borough “ the donkey district”, and it will include the ancient frescos,recently discovered, situated in the chapel below. 

A stop at the wine farm of Marisa Cuomo will let us taste the “Fior d’Uva” wine better known as “Gran Furor Divina Costiera, while another stop at the bakery Durazzo Sanislavo, a producer of several type of hard bread and biscuits, will wake our appetite up, preparing us for the last visit at the rustic holiday farm “Serafina”, where local dishes will satisfy our hunger and let us rediscover forgotten taste.